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Title: Let't cut a deal
Post by: Richard OFfill on June 26, 2018, 04:38:38 PM
Have you noticed that your child will often ask you to explain 'why' you are asking them to do or not do something (explain ourselves) or they may try to 'strike a deal with us (compromise).

Should that happen our response should not be difficult. It is simply: 'Because I said so.'  :wink:
Title: Re: Let't cut a deal
Post by: Ed Sutton on September 28, 2018, 06:24:57 PM
Son - Here's how it works.  You do what your mother and I say cheerfully, I pat your head and express my approval.  You disobey and I spank your butt and express my disapproval.  Did you understand ?

Yes Dad I did.

decades later

Do the kids & grandkids know how to raise kids ?  Maybe, and Maybe not.
After reading maybe I ought update my answer. Am preaching about Daniel today, and in the Unpublished SOP came across this.

    We who have the truth understand the meaning of these conditions and events. We are living in the last evening of this earth’s history. Is it not time that every soul place himself in right relation to God to act an individual part for the upbuilding of the kingdom of Christ? Is it not time that fathers and mothers do a special work in the family? Let there be no harsh words, no scoldings. This does not reform. Take your children apart when they do wrong, and show them the result of a wrong course of action. Pray with them. That prayer may make such an impression on their minds that they will see that you are not unreasonable. And if the children see that you are not unreasonable, you have gained a great victory. This is the work that is to be carried on in our family circles in these last days. Our children are a sacred responsibility. God requires that they be brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. {Ms73-1909}

This lesson also teaches the effect of a simple diet upon the physical powers. Students attending school should have provided for them food that will not cause disturbances in the human organism. If you do not know how to provide such food, I ask you to learn how. We are fighting for a kingdom; we are to be laborers together with God, and we must learn to subdue our passions, lest we be shut out of the courts of heaven. If we do not perfect Christian characters here, we cannot enjoy the pleasures of eternal life. {Ms73-1909}

Daniel stood in a very responsible position in the kingdom of Babylon. There will always be those who will occupy positions of lesser responsibility; but whatever our work, our example may be such that it will lead others into right paths. We need to humble ourselves before God and pray to Him and trust in Him. We do not pray half enough in our families and alone with God. There is a world to be saved, and every talent should be used in the service of God. You may not be able to go outside your family, but you can still do a work for God; and by your own course of action you can encourage those who have missionary work to perform. We cannot afford to miss any opportunity for perfecting a Christian character. Whatever experience may come to others, remember that you, in your lot and place, will be tested by God. There will be times when you will be placed in unfavorable positions; but at such times plead with God, trust in Him, and walk in simple faith before the Lord. Then angels of heaven will impress your minds. Let not your minds be filled with self and self-interests. {Ms73-1909}

The Lord is looking upon us in mercy and love today. Who will follow out the will of the Lord? Who will study to overcome the hasty temper, remembering that the words they speak are spoken in the hearing of heavenly angels. These heavenly agencies are continually ministering to us; and they will speak through us and by us if we will walk humbly with God. They open for us opportunities to make known a knowledge of the God of heaven to others. Let us acknowledge God as the highest power. Let us cherish our Redeemer’s spirit of meekness and humility of mind. Let us study our lifework, that it may bear the test of the judgment. We shall then stand on vantage ground with Daniel and his companions, overcoming by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. {Ms73-1909}