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Title: The Christian Experience
Post by: Hounddog on May 09, 2016, 10:22:32 PM
Something that I have been wondering about for sometime is the variety of the Christian experience and the relationship with God that can vary from person to person. And in an even more specific way for example, if you had two people who had met all of Heaven's requirements in terms of having the righteousness of Christ and the right relationship with God (given that God is no respecter of persons and they both met the approval of heaven), how would their experience differ if one were very smart (Mensa member for example) and the other was one who struggled thru school and may have even been a special education student? In other words, of what value is great intelligence in the Christian experience, not counting usual day to day activities of daily life/workplace capabilities?
Title: Re: The Christian Experience
Post by: ColporteurK on May 10, 2016, 06:52:46 AM

Hounddog; it seems to me that great intelligence is not necessarily an asset. Lucifer is a classic example. Had he just been one of the boys rather than the most exalted I have an idea he would never have fallen. Does that mean that intelligence is evil ? f course not, but it can be a liability as well as an asset in the wrong hands. Intelligence did not cause Lucifer's fall but it aided in that fall when iniquity rose up.  Great intelligence is only an advantage when it is intelligently applied. It is like good looks or a lot of money. They can be helpful and they can be a curse. Education will be the downfall of many. Unfortunately these blessings especially in our fallen date tend to be more of a liability than an advantage. Should we seek to become intelligent regarding heavenly things and even earthly things rightly understood. ? Of course. We are called to do so,  " study to show thyself approved etc.,etc.." However it is possible to seek out forbidden knowledge. Eve did so. The condition of the heart is more important than head knowledge. While we should seek both knowledge and humility if we have to choose an either or as being the most important I choose humility. I believe that heaven will welcome many mongoloids  while many with the greatest minds will be on the outside. Intelligence is power but like riches and beauty can we handle that power ? Many seek both with all of their might and when they get it it is their downfall.