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Title: God's Voice? How Do We Know?
Post by: restoretruth on July 15, 2015, 07:45:04 AM

The Bible is God's voice speaking to us, just as surely as if we could hear it with our ears. If we realized this, with what awe we would open God's Word and with what earnestness we would search its precepts. The reading and contemplation of the Scriptures would be regarded as an audience with the Infinite One.  {ML 283.3}
     We are to open the Word of God with reverence and with a sincere desire to know the will of God concerning us. The heavenly angels will direct our search. God speaks to us in His Word. We are in the audience chamber of the Most High, in the very presence of God. Christ enters the heart.  {ML 283.4}

"Contemplative Prayer" hears "God's Voice" in the "Silence" -- that state of altered mind where where one's own thoughts are blanked out & the person receives messages which they believe are from God. Is it a neglect of studying God's Word that causes some SDA's to fall for this deception? Or, is there more involved? How can we know it is God's voice we hear?

Title: Re: God's Voice? How Do We Know?
Post by: Ed Sutton on July 15, 2015, 06:48:00 PM
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Chap. 41 - Divine Guidance

     There are three ways in which the Lord reveals His will to us, to guide us. . . .  {MYP 156.1} 
     God reveals His will to us in His word, the Holy Scriptures.  {MYP 156.2} 
     His voice is also revealed in His providential workings; and it will be recognized if we do not separate our souls from Him by walking in our own ways, doing according to our own wills, and following the promptings of an unsanctified heart, until the senses have become so confused that eternal things are not discerned, and the voice of Satan is so disguised that it is accepted as the voice of God.  {MYP 156.3} 
     Another way in which God's voice is heard, is through the appeals of His Holy Spirit, making impressions upon the heart, which will be wrought out in the character.  {MYP 156.4} 
     If you are in doubt upon any subject, you must first consult the Scriptures. If you have truly begun the life of faith, you have given yourself to the Lord, to be wholly His, and He has taken you to mold and fashion according to His purpose, that you may be a vessel unto honor. You should have an earnest desire to be pliable in His hands, and to follow whithersoever He may lead you. You are then trusting Him to work out His designs, while at the same time you are co-operating with Him by working out your own salvation with fear and trembling.--"Testimonies for the Church," Vol. 5, p. 512.  {MYP 156.5} 

Remember if we can hear a cell phone call from 1000 miles away and accept it, God spoke to Cain from further away than that, and God spoke to Lucifer/Satan in his sin; we are not holy because God speaks to us, we are made holy through the work of God and by listening to God and obeying.

The people who cry  "We must be careful" often are really saying - remain in the status quo of sin and deafness toward God - , and advocate remaining SDA saducees RE the supernatural. Scripture does not say discount and shun the supernatural, but rather test it by what God has revealed. 

If Abraham had been deaf to God, what would have happened and not happened ?
Title: Re: God's Voice? How Do We Know?
Post by: newbie on July 18, 2015, 06:39:08 AM
If you walk with Him, you will know His voice.