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Title: Without powers without spandex building a modern hero
Post by: Ed Sutton on July 23, 2014, 06:46:22 PM
attention > interest > awakening desire > conviction > intensifying desire > decision and action

A teenage boy almost a man:

Trapped in circumstances overwhelming the entire nation:

Trained for greatness by content of training:

Enslaved physically forced to walk out of his own country never to return :

Trained to absolute loyalty from childhood :

Acting by faith despite inspite of the dangers to life and limb:

Attracting the attention of Omnipotence thousands of light years away:

His name changed against his will by his captors - hoping to assimilate his identity:

Challenged with eating drinking the abominations sacrificed to idols violating his faith:

Seemingly alone but closely watched by Omnipotence :

Finding three friends of like faith and loyalty :

Making friends with a pagan overseer in charge of all his life for three years :

Choosing faith in the face of death as a slave rather than defilement :

Thousands of kindred capitulating - why and how does he and the three friends gather loyalty from other's treason, warmth from traitor's coldness and surrounding coldness, courage from capitulation's cowardice -  ?