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Title: The Abundance of Naught
Post by: GraceVessel on July 18, 2014, 09:37:05 AM
Wrote the poem awhile ago when I was in grief.

Sometimes God teaches us more with loss that with gain.


Upon the dark canvas my life has been spent.
I've run out of time and I haven't a cent.
To purchase the wisdom, of things held untrue.
Spiritually the perspective changes, and so must the view.

To learn that things known, from within or without.
They will resurface, whether in trust or in doubt.
And fortune and knowledge, keepers of time to be sure.
Focusing on balance, temperance, boundaries to endure.

Internal, external, making sure all is kept.
The emptiness reappears, as if all had been swept,,
Away, away, doth my thoughts yet betray.
The constant illusion, reality, and hope that all is ok.

Revealing in daily encounters, a purpose gleaned from the loss.
Understanding the meaning... and counting the cross.
For all things about Him and ultimately they should lead.
My focus on His grace, and my ability to feed.

The daily bread, how do you define a feast?
When you give more and you end up at last with the least?
Having more to take from, and forever be taught...
By the school of affliction... the abundance of naught.

The tapestry of colours, He is the master artist in hand.
He tenderly draws and pulls focus into view by a plan.
Defining the limits of each life, length and depth by design.
Ever learning parameters... Looking to Him to define.
Our purpose in life to be true to His call.
Being ever present, and ready for each season... fall.
To be patient and yet aware ... each in it's time.
May my heart beat true, ... in rythym and rhyme.

To come into the light, contrasted in deep hue, dark.
As my journey continues, remembrance of your grace, sometimes stark.
Remorse gives way to trust, longing for a deeper embrace.
Seeking balance, learning anew to seek thy face.
To this end was I born?, of which I cannot fathom.
Looking for truth... , I stare headlong into the chasm.
May that for which I seek, may of it I be found.
When for me times stop, and all I know is unwound.

Tapes, memories, pencils and chairs.
Tables, friendships, rejoicings, despairs.
All things, all of whom bring true sight.
My prayer, my liturgy, to speak without fright.

Of guidance, and leadership, following the host.
And of Him, safely trusting, whatever the post.
A guardian of spirit, a tender of virtue and not of the wrong.
May my life reflect His imprint.. forever a song.
Title: Re: The Abundance of Naught
Post by: sdazeal on July 18, 2014, 01:34:09 PM
I like it! Yours? May I share on Facebook?
Title: Re: The Abundance of Naught
Post by: GraceVessel on July 18, 2014, 01:42:41 PM
Yes, I wrote it.  When I feel "emotionally" creative I sit down and write stuff ... then go back and try to get objectivity from it.  Sometimes you don't see the depth of what you write until you look at it after some time passes.  You have my permission to facebook it.

with kind regards,

Title: Re: The Abundance of Naught
Post by: sdazeal on July 18, 2014, 02:03:06 PM
Who should I credit it to?