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Title: Sabbath Recipes in stages love-loyalty-mercy-patience for good conscience sake
Post by: Ed Sutton on June 14, 2014, 11:56:05 PM
God always sends folks to Church.  They range from attracted to Christ but not sure or still antagonistic and sorta wild around the edges........ to seasoned mature Christians of honest but different understanding and practice ........ to those wrestling with physical needs and health problems & spiritual needs and life problems hoping for help ...... but really unsure about us wildeyed seemingly crazy religious people.... keeping one eye open for the closest exit

They all get hungry and gotta eat.

This is food evangelism speaking up for Jesus on the plate and the eating creates the voting.

So what do we feed um ?

Whatever we are eating.   :-D

So how do we convince them that they want it too ?

1. It has to taste good, smell good, look good.  If it doesn't - no second bite - no second chance - their tasebuds and likes and dislikes have voted and our food lost.

Those who have been in the habit of indulging the appetite with every luxury, if they come to the retreat and find at their first meal a meager diet, the impression is made at once on their minds that the reports which they have heard concerning the Adventists living so poor and starving themselves to death, is true. One meal of short rations will do more to the discredit of the institution than all the influences in other directions that can be made to counteract it. If we ever expect to meet the people where they are and bring them up to a sensible health reform diet, we must not begin by setting before them a radical diet. There must be placed upon the table nicely cooked dishes, and an abundance of good, palatable food, else those who think so much of what they eat will think they will surely starve to death. We want to have good dishes nicely prepared.  {CD 289.2} 

  I am acquainted with families who have changed from a meat diet to one that is impoverished. Their food is so poorly prepared that the stomach loathes it, and such have told me that the health reform did not agree with them; that they were decreasing in physical strength. Here is one reason why some have not been successful in their efforts to simplify their food. They have a poverty-stricken diet. Food is prepared without painstaking, and there is a continual sameness. There should not be many kinds at one meal, but all meals should not be composed of the same kinds of food without variation. Food should be prepared with simplicity, yet with a nicety which will invite the appetite.--Testimonies for the Church, vol. 2, p. 63 (1868).

two extremes to stay away from - luxurious excess on one hand or unattractive  and impoverished and unpalatable - lacking in nourishment on the other.
Title: Re: Sabbath Recipes in stages love-loyalty-mercy-patience for good conscience sake
Post by: Ed Sutton on June 15, 2014, 12:25:47 AM
Pizza seems a good place to start -

Going from Biblically unclean meats, fat, blood still in the meat, several dairy cheeses, artery clogging pizza, step by step to Pizza you would be proud to serve while, you, and a recent heart attack patient, and a severe diabetic, and Jesus, all sit down together, to that pizza at lunch together - is a journey of multiple steps .

1. Step 1 - substitute Biblically unclean + fat + blood with Biblically clean -minus fat -minus blood. Since most cheeses might use pork enzymes to create the cheese - research and substitute vegan cheeses without lots of talking about it.   Let the taste do the talking to the tongue first and convince the mind, the tongue has a louder more persuasive voice than the ears - talking about it can come later after they are convinced they like how it tastes.

Once a person has grown to eat for conscience sake as a first priority - then they will tolerate and stay with more rapid changes without such baby steps needed, but not everyone is that way, lots need baby steps and patience to get there.  Until they stop looking for excuses to bail and run back to the original comfort zone, patient understanding care is needed.

BTW - FOR ALL CHURCH POT LUCK PIZZAS - (at home or church ) setting some of the cooked toppings aside in a bowl with a tight lid, putting in a few shakes of chopped fresh oregano and fresh basil & oregano essential oil, and basil essential oil, mixing them up, putting the top on tight till ready to use , sprinkling them on top of the pizza just as it is come out of the oven at serving temp, ramps up the pizza smell big time. Taste is as much or more with the nose as the tongue. 

2. step - 2  - going to clean meats =  using a non pork non shellfish substitute for the pork & shellfish.

3. step - 3 - exchanging out the meats all together for store bought locally available vegetarian / finally vegan meat substitutions ( look for non GMO stuff )  because GMO is a new form of amalgamation potential abomination added to the human food chain by industry often to serve industry's needs not human needs.

for store bought locally available so the contact can locally buy fixings for use at home.

( I am not talking about foodstuffs like "golden rice" built to introduce vitamin A producing rice into the food chain to prevent vitamin A deficiency blindness. - research into specific GMO foods is needed - what modified- why modified- results of modification)

4.  step - 4 - home made meat and cheese substitutes - so the folks can make it where ever they go, cut down on the chemical additives in food, and teach others what they learned, and adapt the taste, texture, smell, appearance, nutrients as needed and desired.

Ed earlier posted a pizza recipe (

CP please add your pizza recipes - they sound great . 

Everybody start posting pizza recipes be they step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4 - they are all part of a process of God's blend of Heaven sent information and motivation and human love, loyalty, helping and blessing others, mixed with cooking for Jesus - step by step evangelism on a plate, casting it's vote into the heart, tasebuds, and conscience of the cook and the eater.  (
Title: Re: Sabbath Recipes in stages love-loyalty-mercy-patience for good conscience sake
Post by: ColporteurK on December 28, 2015, 11:31:27 AM
There is an interesting article in the new Adventist World on page 3 entitled "Examine Their Meals."  Its too bad a mixed message is sent. The article begins by saying that health experts are "affirming Ellen White, WHO calls meat a cancer hazard." The article tells of how we have known this for 120 years. Then the author makes an ambiguous statement by saying " " Our prayer is that our church will take note, not because this is an issue related to salvation, but because it affects the quality of life and our service to a broken world, the mission to which we have been called."

Is the author saying that the fact that our lifestyle and diet relates in some way to our salvation is not the main motive for removing meat from the diet or is he saying that what we choose to put into our body temple has no relationship to our salvation what so ever ? An author skilled with words should be able to articulate their thoughts in such a way so as to remove any doubt as to what they mean.  If it is the latter meaning then that blanket statement is one that is often an error.

If we do not "take note" (obey) and therefore we hinder our mission to the world because appetite sits on the throne,  does that not in any way relate to salvation ? 

The article is clear that it is not good to eat red meat and processed meat. "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not to him it is sin." James 4:17  Does sin have any relationship to our salvation ? Of course we know from the messenger of the Lord that temperance in these days involves  more than just eliminating from our diets the dead flesh that is red or processed.
Most of the rest of the article seems pretty solid.

Title: Re: Sabbath Recipes in stages love-loyalty-mercy-patience for good conscience sake
Post by: newbie on December 28, 2015, 03:15:21 PM
seems to me that for the last generation, it is a must to follow the health message to the letter