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Title: Clucking and Flapping
Post by: ColporteurK on May 09, 2014, 06:54:44 AM
  Does your church have a chicken house greeting session each Sabbath at 11:00 a.m. ? I have yet to see this take place without a lot of clucking and flapping. The entire mood changes and it tends to get a bit crazy. The atmosphere goes from reverence and order to helter skelter. The difference in the mood is like night and day. The more this is encouraged and the more worldly the church the crazier it gets, the longer the session lasts and the more it takes on a carnival mentality. For some, it is a time to let their hair down and let it all out. It kind of reminds me of recess. While recess is a good thing it is never done in the classroom, however.

This custom originated in the Catholic church. It seems that yes, every road leads back to Rome. I partook of this each Sunday myself, while in the Catholic church. However, it was done in the most reverent way. Probably this is because the setting as a whole was more reserved and formal 40 years ago. Probably today, it is the same in the Catholic church, with all the clucking and flapping, as takes place in the protestant churches.

We are counseled  in the Spirit of Prophecy that not only should not our greetings take place in the sanctuary but they "should not be  permitted". That's pretty strong words.

The supposed purpose of this is to show everybody we "are friendly." The greeting is a gesture. However, it is a ritual and in reality means little. Some might grit their teeth and shake the hands of some whom they would never shake hands with in the foyer. Could this be a benefit by breaking the ice or removing hard feelings ? Perhaps minimally. However is the trade off worth it when the hen house erupts and the feathers fly, so to speak ? If one has to be directed to greet another is it really all that beneficial ? Is the trade off worth it ?

Some might think, "well, you stick in the mud." "You are against everything." Not at all. There is a time and a place for clucking and flapping. If we really want to tell people we are nice people we ought to invite them home for lunch or at least visit with them before and or after the service, preferably outside the sanctuary. No one is suggesting that it is a sin to reach over and shake hands and whisper a greeting to a visitor who comes to church late and sits beside you. But that's not what we are talking about here. I don't think this is what Ellen White was referring to when she said greetings should not be permitted. I believe she was talking about members that have these greetings which are chat sessions in the sanctuary.

How to deal with this? When leadership ignores attempts to make changes away from this I believe the best thing to do is be pleasant and kind but reserved. I will shake the hands of the those who come to me with their hand extended, and I will smile, but leave not my seat and do not converse. The problem, if we totally reject another's greeting is, we would be viewed as snubbing, proud, and Pharisaic. We already have that problem and to reject  the greeting would cause some, especially visitors to get the wrong idea. Satan would win on both ends of the spectrum. He would not only create confusion but pose those who are concerned about such in a false light. I simply let them run around and cluck and flap while I stay put, do not turn around, and do not cluck. Be certain that others pick up on your more reserved position. We do tend to add some restraint to the buzz.
Title: Re: Clucking and Flapping
Post by: sdazeal on May 09, 2014, 07:02:47 AM
As a former RC member, CP, I too remember "Let us offer each other a sign of peace", which was the call to exchange greetings. No, I have never liked the contrived "everyone look to their neighbor and tell them Jesus loves them" or the "find someone you don't know and introduce yourself" during services.

Another one in the same lines is:

Speaker: Good Morning!
Congregation: Good Morning!
Speaker: I don't think you heard me. I said GOOD MORNING!!!
Congregation: GOOD MORNING!!!!
Speaker: That's better!

I just roll my eyes at this, and have in my , um, earlier years, occasionally responded by yelling GOOD MORNING at the top of my lungs to express my annoyance.
Title: Re: Clucking and Flapping
Post by: ColporteurK on May 09, 2014, 07:15:08 AM
Yah, that happened last Sabbath in my church too. Have you ever noticed that some that customarily say this do so no matter how loud the first greeting may be.

This is a little naughty but wouldn't it be cute if after the leader said " I CAN"T HEAR YOU!!" or "GOOD MORNING !!" ,the response were to be.... total silence.  Or if someone would be close by and hand them a hearing aid.

Granted, in some churches the speaker may think he is talking to a body of corpses. If that is the case, he will not likely be able to raise the dead by shouting.  :uhoh:
Title: Re: Clucking and Flapping
Post by: Larry Lyons on May 09, 2014, 07:55:02 AM
I believe that if there is even one person in the congregation whose worship experience is disturbed by this "greeting" it should be eliminated. The congregation is coerced into making what is often an insincere show of friendliness which may not be something they feel at the time. This causes resentment and annoyance. Not a good way to enter in to worship. That is reason enough to get rid of it, but the bigger reason IMHO is that worship is about God and it is extremely inappropriate to create a pandemonium at the beginning of worship.

Years ago a brand new Seventh-day Adventist church was built where I attended. They put the typical American Flag on one side of the platform and the Christian flag on the other side. There was a cross on top of the Christian flag pole and an eagle on top of the American flag pole. A long time member of that congregation was a middle aged woman who was very quiet, didn't mix much with other people and was considered to be "eccentric." The first time she entered the sanctuary, she turned right around and went back out into the foyer and refused to enter. For several Sabbaths she came to church but remained in the foyer and peeked through the little glass windows of the door to the sanctuary. She was offended by the eagle on the flag pole because she considered it to be an idol.

The church board was at a complete loss as to what to do. Finally they called the conference for advice. The conference said, "Take the eagle off the flag pole"!! That solved the problem.
Apparently they had not thought of that!  :roll:

Title: Re: Clucking and Flapping
Post by: newbie on May 09, 2014, 10:50:39 AM
have experienced this as well...but rarely...  seems so false...